Western Digital My Cloud EX4 4 Bay NAS Diskless [WDBWWD0000NBK-EESN]

Western Digital My Cloud EX4 4 Bay NAS Diskless [WDBWWD0000NBK-EESN]

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My cloud ex4 personal cloud storage – ultimate reliability from the trusted name in storage.

Built from the ground up with the quality and reliability you've come to expect from wd, my cloud ex4 is a high-performance, four-bay nas for your home or small office. It offers a robust all-metal enclosure, multiple raid volumes, easy drive installation, and a full suite of apps for the power and flexibility to expand your nas features.

expandable storage

choose the diskless enclosure to add up to four drives and grow as your needs expand. Or, choose a populated system that works right out of the box.

Easy to set up, easy to manage

effortlessly install drives or hot swap within five seconds with wd's advanced, all-metal enclosure design. Wd's powerful dashboard means you are always in control.

Extensive data protection
you're armed with multiple options to secure your data from loss. Choose raid 1, 5, 10 or select from spanning and jbod modes for even more options to manage your data.


  • Reliable, high-performance, four-bay nas for your home or small office
  • Diskless enclosure for ultimate flexibility or a populated system that works out of the box
  • User-selectable drive management with raid 0, 1, 5, 10 as well as spanning and jbod modes
  • Get up and running quickly with easy drive installation or buy a populated version that works right out of the box
  • Easy to manage with a powerful dashboard, lcd display and drive status alerts
  • Advanced serving options including an integrated file server
  • Award-winning desktop and mobile apps
  • Industry-leading third-party apps, including amule and icecast

ideal for

  • Centralizing and organizing your data in one secure location
  • Securing your data from loss with customizable disk management and multiple raid options
  • Backing up files automatically from all the pc and mac computers on your network
  • Streaming all your media files on your network
  • Quickly installing drives with ease
  • Saving, backing up and sharing your stored content from anywhere
  • Accessing and saving files securely from any computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Uploading photos and videos directly to your personal cloud to free up space on your mobile devices
  • Transferring files between your public cloud accounts and my cloud ex4