WD 6 TB My Cloud Home DUO Personal Cloud Storage

WD 6 TB My Cloud Home DUO Personal Cloud Storage

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The WD 6TB My Cloud Home DUO Personal Cloud Storage is the perfect choice to store your videos, music, photos, and other files in one place. It plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router so that you can keep your digital content saved and organized in one central place. Also, it gives you the freedom to access all the content from anywhere you want wirelessly. This WD cloud storage allows for quick and simple set up from your smartphone. You can use the My Cloud Home desktop app, mobile app or MyCloud.com to access, upload, and share your digital content saved on this personal cloud storage. Thanks to the two internal hard drives of this cloud storage, everything you save on one drive automatically gets saved on the second drive, thereby giving you extra peace of mind.


  • Includes 2 x 3TB drives (2.95TB usable capacity in default RAID 1)
  • One central place to store all your photos, videos, music and files
  • Quick and simple setup from your phone
  • Everything is automatically saved twice with Mirror Mode
  • On-the-go access with the My Cloud Home mobile app, desktop app or MyCloud.com
  • Auto backup for photos and videos on your phone
  • USB port to import photos, videos and docs from USB flash drives and external hard drives
  • File search to find content easily
  • Simple to invite family and friends to share your My Cloud Home device
  • Downloadable services to customize your My Cloud Home device
  • Backup for all your PC and Mac computers
WD personal cloud storage


This WD cloud storage provides plenty of space to keep photos, videos and files from all your tablets, phones, external storage devices and computers, in one place at home. With the My Cloud app, you can automatically backup all the photos and videos on your smartphone. Also, you can sync all your Mac and PCs and cloud accounts with this WD cloud storage. Just plug this cloud storage into your Wi-Fi router to get started.

WD personal cloud storage


This WD personal cloud storage allows you to keep your favorite folders from your Mac and PCs in continuous sync with it. Furthermore, this cloud storage has two hard drives and is set to Mirror mode. This means all your videos, photos and files are stored on one drive and automatically copied onto the second drive for your convenience.