Wacom CTH-690AK-Intuos Art Black, Pen and Touch Tablet-Medium

Wacom CTH-690AK-Intuos Art Black, Pen and Touch Tablet-Medium

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Created for creative ideas that just can’t go unglorified, the Wacom CTH 690AK Intuos Art is available in a standard black color. It possesses a medium size that is comfortable to use and comes with all the tools necessary to make your experience with it smooth and as natural as can be. You can go from honing your sketching skills to designing your own creative tees; the sky’s the limit with this little guy. It is accompanied with Wacom's leading pen and touch tablet technology, free downloadable creative software, as well as online training to help you get started. Let your creative ideas flow, and capture them on Intuos Art that is the perfect accessory to a creative imagination.









You’re closer than you think, and the Wacom Intuos Art is here to take you further. Whether you’re a newbie to digital painting or an accomplished artist, the Intuos Art is here to take you further. It doesn’t matter what your style is or your level of skill; this little tablet gives you full rein and all the assistance you need to excel. You can be drawing on this tablet for the very first time, but if you know how to do it with pen and paper, you’ll know how to do it with Intuos Art. The Intuos Pen is simple to use and gives you a natural feel that is easy to get used to.


Go to the next level, and keep getting better with the Intuos Art on your lap. It equips you with all the tools, services and tutorials you need to take your skills up a notch. The pen has the ability to feel and behave like any other traditional brushes, markers and pencils that you’re used to.


In this world where digital works, the Intuos Art pen tablet is your biggest weapon. Turn a doodle into a bestselling Tshirt in no time! This tablet gives you the opportunity to play, experiment, and create whatever you dream of. Take your work from the canvas to the Intuos Art tablet and let it get the recognition it deserves. The pressure sensitive pen is integrated with a creative software that enables you to switch from pencils and chalks to oils and watercolors.