Wacom CTH-490CB-Intuos Comic Blue Small

Wacom CTH-490CB-Intuos Comic Blue Small

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How many brilliant concepts and scripts for comics and mangas have you cut loose or deserted for the simple reason of having no proper tools? Don’t let that be a setback anymore. The Wacom CTH 490CB Intuos Comic, available in a small size and mint blue color, lets you bring your stories to life. With this device comes a canvas, all the tools required, and a platform to showcase your talent. It is your perfect sidekick and enables you to go from training to experimenting to creating in no time. This tablet features the pen and touch tablet technology, free downloadable creative software, and online training to make the transition from paper and pen to the Intuos Comic as smooth and comfortable as possible. The included pen is easy to use and has a very natural feel that contributes toward a comfortable transition. This pressure sensitive pen is equipped with the right creative software to enable you to go from sketching to inking to coloring in a jiffy. Switch between pens, markers, and brushes to achieve the desired effect and create your unique style. And before you know it, you will see your work in print. It doesn’t matter whether you get it for training purposes or full fledged comic or manga creation; the Intuos Comic matches your pace every step of the way. Its easy to set up, easy to use functionality makes this device perfect for beginners.


Physical Features



USB port

Resolution 2540 lpi

290 g

Creativity Cultivated


Creativity is nothing without the right tools to hone it and the platform to present and showcase it. In this massive networking world, everybody gets a chance to speak their minds and demonstrate their skill. So why not you? Getting yourself the Wacom CTH 490CB Intuos Comic is the first step in the right direction. You have the raw material, now all you have to do is develop and advance it before you put it out there for the world to see, and there is no better way to do it than with your perfect sidekick. Reach for the next level with this sleek slab that matches your level of skill and creative style and offers you the flexibility to keep changing and growing. See your work in print and let it go viral. Don’t you worry about getting the hang of working on this little tablet; if you’re good with a pen and paper, you’ll be better with the Intuos Comic. It is accompanied by a pressure sensitive pen that feels very natural to use.

Pen It!


The Intuos Comic is accompanied by a pressure sensitive pen that is extremely easy to set up and use. It feels natural and doesn’t take much time to get used to. The pen is integrated with a creative software that makes it possible for you to go from sketching to inking to coloring your characters with seamless ease. Switch smoothly from a pen like effect to a marker or a brush stroke to acquire the desired effect and make your signature style. It also gives you the precision you need while handling, for optimum comfort. Go from experimenting to creating in no time! For all you know, the next best manga or comic might be the one you just finished!