Wacom CTH-490AB-Intuos Art Blue, Small

Wacom CTH-490AB-Intuos Art Blue, Small

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Stop letting all those creative ideas and sketches meet a crumpled up fate at the bottom of your trashcan. Give them the chance they deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated with the help of the Wacom CTH 490AB Intuos Art. If you’ve got the skill, show it off with this amazing little tablet available in a smart mint blue variation and a small size that is comfortable to use. You can go from idly doodling to creating and printing your paintings on a best selling graphic T shirt. The Intuos Art has something for everyone. Whether you’re just starting off or at the peak of your abilities and ready to sell them to the world, the Intuos Art matches your paces all the way. It is accompanied by a pressure sensitive pen that is easy to use and get used to. It lets you switch between pens, markers, and brushes to get the desired effect. Create your signature style with this little tablet that pushes your horizons. This device comes with the whole creative package that includes downloadable creative software, services, and online tutorials. Get started in a jiffy! Just plug in a single USB into your Mac or PC, install a driver, register and download your creative software, and get creative!

Feels Natural Works Wonders

The Intuos Art is accompanied by a pressure sensitive pen that incorporates a creative software. This pen is easy to get used to and offers an extremely natural feel that is similar to that of a pen and paper. It thus follows if you can work a pen and paper you will be able to work the Intuos Art effortlessly. You can switch between sketching, inking, and coloring seamlessly. Blend the use of pens, markers, and brushes to create your signature style

Up Your Game

The Intuos Art possesses all the necessary tools to take your skill up a notch. It doesn’t matter what your style or level of skill may be; the Intuos Art matches your pace every step of the way. Whether you are a newbie just experimenting or a full fledged artist with a bestselling idea, the Intuos Art lets you get to the next level or just works with you to enhance your craft.