Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB External Hard Drive - Silver STCK1000200

Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB External Hard Drive - Silver STCK1000200

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This Seagate STCK1000200 Wireless Plus External Hard Drive makes it feasible to access data from any location instantaneously. With an enabled WiFi connectivity, you can load files by using the nearest WiFi hotspot or a wireless home network. This drive assures you with reliability because of its good built quality. The drive is compatible with higher and frequently used versions of Windows and Macintosh OS. The USB 3.0 port enables you to transfer data at relatively higher speeds than its earlier versions. The drive boasts of sleek design that measures 19.9 x 89.0 x 127.0mm.


The features of Wireless Plus lets you access files stored on a common storage location, cloud at any instance wirelessly and even when you not within the network. A synchronization with the Dropbox account or a Google drive enables you to access files automatically. When you use the disk as a hub, you can share a single web connection with a maximum of 7 smartphones, tablets or computers.


The Seagate Media app lets you transfer and store your views that had been clicked on a vacation. The app supports simultaneous streaming of 3 different videos to 3 different devices effortlessly. Once you have stored digital files on the drive, you no longer need a reason to boot your PC to enjoy your images or video recordings. The app takes care of this task.


The Wireless Plus lets you create your personal storage space by using a WiFi network. This space lets you free up the internal memory of your high end mobile phone by streaming and transferring the files. With these capabilities, you can enjoy the experience for a maximum of 10 hours before the battery drains.


Once installed, this hard drive aids you stream and enjoy images and AV content wirelessly to any device that have been certified by DLNA. These devices can be electronic products such as media players, games consoles and smart TVs that are installed in your home network. Once the synchronization with the Apple Airplay is established, you could enjoy all types of digital media files from anywhere. The functionalities of Wireless Plus helps you listen to compositions from your iPhone with high quality sound on AirPlay enabled speakers.