Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB 5400 RPM 4 MB Cache External Desktop Hard Drive - Red STBU1000203

Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB 5400 RPM 4 MB Cache External Desktop Hard Drive - Red STBU1000203

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The Seagate STBU1000203 External Desktop Hard Drive is a smart and fun way to add more space to your PC. It uses the advanced USB 3.0 interface that makes for some lightning fast sharing and transferring of files. It has a gigantic memory capacity of 1TB that translates to 1024GB! Imagine how many photos and music albums, movies and videos can fit them self into your little Hard Drive. It is compatible with both PC and Mac Operating systems. All this and more is available to you in a slender looking compact design that has a feather weight of just 0.224kg that makes it extremely portable and easy to carry around. It possesses dimensions of 81.1 x 14.5 x 123.4mm and a hot red color that looks really stylish.


Man is a social animal, and nobody knows this better than Seagate. Drawing from this, just storing data and files is not all your External Hard Drive is built for. The hard drive is built in with Backup Plus that helps you unite your online life with the real one. You can share and back up all your precious moments, the interesting activities of your day and whatever you see fit with the world via Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, straight from your external Hard Drive. This Hard Drive syncs with your own personal social media account. You can easily upload photos and videos to your account and rein in all those Likes or just download the ones you love and back them up. Whats to stop you from having your very own meme collection. The Hard Drive even enables you to set automatic backups of everything you share online. With the help of the genius Seagate Dashboard, you can manage it all effortlessly.


You can use the Seagate STBU1000203 alternatively between your PC and your Mac computer without needing to reformat the files. Make sure all your data is easily accessible and ready to use at all times.


This Hard Drive is easy to use and features a simple plug and play set up. It is also easily upgradeable, so you can upgrade it to Thunderbolt technology or FireWire 800. It features a USB 3.0 interface; however, the hard drive is also backward compatible with the lesser USB 2.0.


Share photos and videos to Facebook for all your friends to see with absolute ease from the Backup Plus drive on your Seagate STBU1000203 Hard Drive. Make sure your memories are not locked away in your drive but rather flaunted with the smart integration with popular social media.