Nuki Bridge Smart Lock Black

Nuki Bridge Smart Lock Black

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Connectivity that opens the door to smart living.

Stay connected.

The Nuki Bridge brings your Nuki Smart Lock online, so you can manage and control it remotely with the Nuki app anytime and anywhere.

Remote Unlock

Open for a handyman, dog sitter or deliveries, even if you are not home.

24/7 control

Stay in perfect control of who came or left home while you’re at work, on the move or on holiday.

Smart Home Integration

Connect your Nuki with other smart home services to make your life more convenient.

Stay in touch, wherever you are …

The Nuki Bridge delivers full access to your Smart Lock – wherever you are: Would you like to unlock your door for the handyman? Or have a look, if your kids are home yet?

Connectivity that opens the door to smart living.

Current and upcoming Nuki products allow you to plan your day just how YOU want it. Don’t want to stay at home only to let the plumber in? Manage access for a caregiver, when your grandmother can’t open anymore? Your door lock doesn’t need your physical presence – all it needs is Nuki.

A smart alternative to Nuki Bridge

Thanks to the Nuki Software Bridge you can remotely manage and control your Smart Lock anytime with your old or unused Android smartphone. Your old phone completely replaces the functionality of the Nuki Bridge.

Setup the Nuki Bridge within the Nuki app

✓ Connects via Bluetooth (Smart Lock) & Wifi (home network)
✓ Control Button and LED Status Display
✓ Integrated power unit for 230V power outlets
✓ Maximum distance between Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge ‹ 5m

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