Motorola Wi-Fi HD Home Monitoring Camera, Black - FOCUS66

Motorola Wi-Fi HD Home Monitoring Camera, Black - FOCUS66

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The Motorola FOCUS66 Home Monitoring Camera is an easy and smart way to give your home round the clock surveillance. This security camera is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you can access everything that goes on inside your home from anywhere. You can view the videos it captures in HD quality via WiFi. Download the free Hubble App on your devices to record the videos and images for easy access. With its optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service, it easily captures the moving images of your house and stores it securely on the cloud. This high quality camera is also functional during the night or in low lit areas.


This home monitoring camera captures videos and images of your house in 720p HD resolutions. You can use this device with your smartphones, tablets, or PCs. With the Hubble App, you receive videos with sound, images, and even temperature alerts on your devices. Its motion triggered notifications or the optional motion triggered recording inform you whenever there is a movement by sending the video or a picture directly to your device. With this safety guard in place, you can stay away from your abode without a worry.


These Motorola home security cameras feature 720p video streaming and a 62 degree viewing angle that provides clear picture quality. It operates with the Hubble app that is easy to setup. By adding the optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service, you can ensure the videos and images it captures are stored securely for easy access. Not just day, these home surveillance cameras can also monitor activities in poorly lit areas with their infrared night vision feature.