Microsoft 7MP-00001 Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft 7MP-00001 Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

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We have achieved our award-winning design Arc Touch Mouse is even better on the fly. We have added Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy 1. A reliable wireless that works up to a distance of about 9 meters experience. With the latest Bluetooth technology consumes less energy.

Just like the original, Arc Mouse Touch Bluetooth to turn on and curves to flatten off. Convenient and portable, with a shape designed to fit the natural curve of your hand, it is ideal for your mobile lifestyle choice. The touch strip accurately respond to the movement speed of the finger, the tactile feedback technology to scroll vertically.

Take advantage of BlueTrack Technology, which combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for outstanding track on virtually any surface.

2 Use it even on rough wooden surfaces or carpets with BlueTrack Technology.