Kingston Data Traveler SE9 DTSE9H/8GB USB 2.0 Metal

Kingston Data Traveler SE9 DTSE9H/8GB USB 2.0 Metal

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Backup your data and transfer your files and folders in a safe and secure manner with the Kingston Data Traveler SE9 DTSE9H 8GB USB 2.0 Metal storage drive. Featuring a sleek yet stylish design, this Kingston drive makes sure you have a trouble free and convenient experience. It comes built in with a durable and unique metal casing that sports a stylish silver color and a slim body.


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Thus, it is convenient to carry it in your pocket or bag and access it on the go. You can also attach a keychain in the loop so that you don't misplace the drive. The flash drive comes with a storage space of up to 8GB and is compatible with almost all devices. Store, share, and transfer all your favorite movies, photos, videos through this incredible little flash drive.