Kaspersky Total Security 2019 -4 PC For 2 Yr.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 -4 PC For 2 Yr.

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Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers rigorous IT security for more nodes on your network – including desktops, file servers, Internet gateways, collaboration systems and mobile devices. By combining world-class protection and far-reaching systems management capabilities, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business gives you granular control over a wide range* of Kaspersky security and systems management functions – via the Kaspersky Security Center unified management console.

By using an AES encryption algorithm with 256 bits of key length, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business enables strong encryption of precious corporate data.

Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business offers both full disk encryption (FDE) and file-level encryption (FLE). FDE operates on the physical sectors of the disk – for encryption that’s ‘close to the hardware’. FDE is an extremely useful way of delivering an ‘encrypt everything at once’ approach. By contrast, FLE lets administrators encrypt individual files – which helps to enable secure sharing of data across the corporate network.

For a system’s internal hard drive, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business lets administrators use a combination of FLE and FDE. In this way, the entire hard drive can be encrypted – while individually encrypted files can be securely shared across the business’s local network.

For a group of computers, the administrator can apply FDE to each computer’s hard disk – while also using FLE on any removable storage devices. This ensures that data on the computer is protected by encryption – and data that’s held on removable drives is also encrypted, so that it can be securely used outside the corporate network.

Although many other encryption products are not integrated within a comprehensive endpoint security solution, the encryption technologies within Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business have been developed as part of the same unified codebase as other Kaspersky protection technologies. By developing all of its primary technologies in-house, Kaspersky ensures a level of integration that means administrators can apply encryption settings under the same policy as anti-malware protection, endpoint controls and other Kaspersky security settings.

Because Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device combines protection and efficiency, all your devices can keep performing as they were designed to. Our security technologies work ‘behind the scenes’ – and that means superior security doesn’t have to slow down your digital life.