HP Cable HDMI to HDMI 3.0m - Black

HP Cable HDMI to HDMI 3.0m - Black

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HP Cable HDMI to HDMI 3.0m - Black

① This USB3.0 to HDMI Adapter only works for the computer which is running Windows 7 / 8 / 10 operation system.

② Please try to install its internal driver directly. After plugging it into your computer, you will see there a new USB device folder in your computer, then double clicks to install the driver.

③ If you can't get it work, please manual download the latest driver as below, then install the driver and RESTART your computer. (Please remove the adapter while you restart computer).

For Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Windows XP users, please download driver from here:

④ It's better to turn off anti-virus software and low down the firewall level before install the driver. You can turn on them after the installation.

⑤ If it can't convert picture well, please right click the Computer - > Device Manager - > Universal Serial Bus Controllers, then check out if there is an USB 3.0 interface.

Also check whether the HDMI extend cable version you use is 1.3B.
⑥ If your computer only has USB 2.0 port, DO NOT RECOMMEND TO USE this adapter. It also supports USB2.0 port, but the max resolution is 800*600 only.

CNCT DisplayPort to HDMI Cable for interfacing next generation DisplayPort based PC and notebook computers with high definition displays. DisplayPort offers a unified, scalable, and cost effective interface for embedded and external display applications. As desktop and notebook PCs are increasingly transitioning from conventional analog type interfaces to DisplayPort, the converter facilitates the transition by offering seamless connectivity between new DisplayPort PC and the installed base HDMI monitors and projectors. It offers solutions for digital entertainment center, HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, STB, DVD and Projector factory, noise space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.