EZVIZ S1 Full HD Sport and Action cam

EZVIZ S1 Full HD Sport and Action cam

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Ezviz, a well known Italian security camera brand, has released their very first action camera: the Ezviz S1! I can’t really say that I’m surprised. Many other brands have done this as well. And just like others, the Ezviz S1 is also in the budget action camera zone. Well it isn’t as cheap as some but not quite as expensive to be in the middle either. So how well does this action camera perform? Let’s see.


  • Dimensions: 58x45x22mm / 2.3×1.8×0.9″
  • Sensor: 1/2.33” PS CMOS
  • Angle Of View: 152º
  • Video: 1080p 60/30fps; 720p 120/60fps; 420p 240fps
  • Photo: 16/12/8/5MP
  • Modes: Burst (30/10/5 photos per second), Time-Lapse (0.5/1/2/5/10/30/60 seconds)
  • Battery Life: 3 hours
  • Features: WiFi, MicroUSB, MicroHDMI and MicroSD
  • Memory: Class 10 or UHS-1 MicroSD card up to 64GB


  • Ezviz S1 action camera
  • MicroUSB cable with power adapter
  • Waterproof case
  • 2 adhesive mounts


The Ezviz S1 action camera comes in a pretty nice tube package. The first thing you’ll notice is a silicone like layer covering it. I really like that they have used it to protect the camera from any scratches that might happen during transportation. So the packaging has been really thought out.

Ezviz S1 dimensions

The action camera itself looks pretty sleek. It has a dimension of 58x45x22mm / 2.3×1.8×0.9″ and in terms of shape, I guess we can call it the “GoPro shape”. Other than that, it is totally different in terms of the camera itself. The mounting options are still compatible with GoPro accessories. So the front of the Ezviz S1 only has the lens, that is it. The power and WiFi button is on the left side. The right side holds a compartment for the MicroHDMI, MicroUSB and MicroSD slots. They have added the recording button to the top, as is done on most action cameras. The bottom has got a tripod thread mount, which I personally really like. Also the battery is built into this action camera so you can’t change it.

As far as the feel of the camera goes, it is made out alright quality plastic. They have also added texture around the sides to make it easier to hold the camera.

The camera can be mounted with 2 ways. Either you can use a tripod screw type mount and attach that to the Ezviz S1 action camera. Or you can just put the camera inside it’s waterproof case and attach that onto a mount. The waterproof case comes with a GoPro type clip so it can be attached to any GoPro accessory. So there won’t be a lack of accessories.


The Ezviz S1 action camera can shoot videos in 1080p at up to 60fps. This is more than fine, however there are plenty of other action cameras out there that already have 2K and 4K options available for the same price ($150).

Again the colors are perfect underwater as well. I would even say that it performs better underwater. The lens can capture plenty of light so you won’t end up with a dark mess with the Ezviz S1. I also like how sharp the details are in the center of focus.

As I noted before, the Ezviz S1 doesn’t have a LCD screen. So instead they have created a smartphone app that can be used to edit the settings and view all the footage from the cameras WiFi. Unlike the apps from the Chinese camera brands, it actually works really well and is easy to use.


The Italians have come out with a nice and simple budget action camera for daily use. What I personally really like are the colors, the tripod screw underneath and the smartphone app. However for $150, I would like the video quality to be a bit better. Maybe I have been gotten too use to the crazy Chinese brands. But I mean they have their own issues, especially the apps. Another problem with the Ezviz S1 is that it is almost impossible to find outside of Italy. The only online store I managed to find that carried it, was the Italian Amazon. So even if you might want it, you will probably have a hard luck finding it.


EZVIZ S1 Full HD Sport and Action cam

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