EZVIZ C6C HD two-way audio,auto tracking privacy mask

EZVIZ C6C HD two-way audio,auto tracking privacy mask

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C6B Sound and Motion-Tracking Master

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Armed with sound localization and smart tracking, the C6B excels in motion detection and instant alerts. 720p HD video with pan-and-tilt control enables crisp, 360° coverage, so you'll never miss a thing.

Complete Coverage

Durable metal gears let you tilt the camera up to 140° and pan for a 360° view.

Sound Localization and Smart Tracking

When the C6B detects sound, the camera turns towards the source to track and record all moving objects using its smart motion sensor.

One-Touch Privacy Protection

The thoughtfully-designed privacy shutter allows you to turn the lens off whenever you need privacy.

Real-Time, Two-Way Talk

When you’re away from home and want to speak to loved ones, there’s two-way talk. Just press the button on the EZVIZ app and the C6B will help you do the rest.

Instant Motion Alerts

The C6B watches for movement. It will take a picture and send an alert to your smartphone whenever motion is detected.

Multiple Storage Options

With multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your recordings.The cameras can even save to all three locations at the same time for added backup in case a camera is damaged or your network crashes.

Security At Fingertips

With EZVIZ app or EZVIZ Studio, you can protect, capture, save and share what’s valuable to you.

 EZVIZ C6C HD two-way audio,auto tracking privacy mask

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