D-LINK Wireless N300 Router DIR-615

D-LINK Wireless N300 Router DIR-615

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Share high speed wireless Internet connection with family and friends with the D Link DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router.

The device has compact dimensions of 112 x 152 x 28mm, and can be easily setup even in tight, cramped spaces.

The router features QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth optimization that analyzes and automatically separates multiple data streams across your entire home network. The technology lets you stream online videos and other content on multiple wireless devices. It operates on 2.4 to 2.4835GHz wireless frequency range.

Its features two fixed 5dBi external antennas that jut out neatly from the device. The router features advanced security features that prevent unauthorized access to your network. You can use the best possible encryption on all your client devices as it supports WPA and WPA2 standards. It’s SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) and Network Address Translation (NAT) dual active firewalls stop potential attacks from dubious sources.

Push Notifications alert you in case there is attempted intrusion from a wireless network. Push Notification also displays Online User notice and lets you upgrade your firmware. You can view live video feeds from multiple cameras on your home network and save their snapshots on your Android and iOS devices by downloading mydlink app on your smartphone.

The router is easy to setup and can be up and running in minutes. It works with all the latest systems, and is also backwards compatible with previous generation ones. The device consumes low power and is also environment friendly.

Ideal Upgrade for Your Network

The D Link DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router offers seamless wireless performance, network security and coverage, and is an ideal upgrade for your existing wireless home networks. Its QoS bandwidth optimization technology analyzes and separates multiple data streams. Thus, it can handle more than one wireless device, and provide smooth streaming across your entire range of device. The router not just extends your wireless range, but is also compatible with older wireless devices.

Easy to Setup

Configure the D Link DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router quickly using the D Link Quick Router Setup Wizard quickly. The installation wizard’s step by step installation process configures your Internet connection, security and wireless network settings, and all the other things that are needed to get your network up and running. You don't even have to be a networking expert to set it up.

Easy To Secure

The D Link DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router offers support for the latest wireless security features that block unauthorized access from the Internet as well as from wireless networks. Its dual active firewalls (NAT and SPI) stop potential attacks from across the Internet. The router also supports WPA and WPA2 standards that enable you to use the best possible encryption.

Think Green

The D Link DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router is a green device that is designed to protect the environment by conserving energy. Its package is completely recyclable and thus reduces waste. The device provides eco friendly alternatives without skimping on performance.

D-LINK Wireless N300 Router DIR-615

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