D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless N Range Extender,Access Point - Black

D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless N Range Extender,Access Point - Black

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The D Link DAP 1360 Wireless N Range Extender is the perfect solution for superior wireless performance, awesome clarity, and the best possible blanket coverage you can get. This little device not only gives you a good wireless coverage, but also makes sure your network is protected from unauthorized use with advanced WPA and WPA2 encryption algorithms. This range extender plays multiple roles to provide you with a versatile experience. These roles take the form of a secure access point, a repeater, a wireless client, and a bridge. This extender also upgrades your network to the wireless N technology that is so much more effective than its Wireless G counterpart. Why stick with the old when the new is so much better, faster, and more efficient. The range extender is available in a classy black color.


The D Link DAP 1360 Wireless N Range Extender is all you will ever need to create a new wireless network for yourself and your friends, family, or colleagues. This device was created for use in a household or small office environment and easily extends your existing network coverage to make sure every corner of your room is covered. Be done with the old and forsaken Wireless G networking and upgrade to something a whole lot more effective and efficient. The D Link DAP 1360 Range Extender offers you a brilliant solution to upgrade your existing wireless network to the superior wireless N technology. This wireless N technology dramatically and drastically outperforms your conventional previous generation wireless G networks. We say, why not? This little range extender also includes a variety of features that enable you to use it as a strong Access Point, a secure bridge, a repeater, as well as a wireless client.


The D Link DAP 1360 Range Extender enables you to create a new Wireless N network by simply connecting the device to your router. The range extender does more; by setting the device to the repeater mode you can now extend your wireless coverage easily and effortlessly. Share your super speedy Internet connection with your friends and family with the new wireless network, enjoy multiplayer video games together, watch High Definition videos, or arrange some voice calls; there’s so much to do when you have all that speed. The superior D Link DAP 1360 is backward compatible to accommodate all your existing Wireless G devices as well, so they don’t feel left out.


Be completely sure that your wireless network is not accessed by someone unauthorized with the secure D Link DAP 1360 range extender. This little device supports advanced wireless security features that keep your network safeguarded from these unwelcome guests. This is only possible because of the superior WPA and WPA2 encryption technologies that together ensure that all the data that passes over your network is properly encrypted regardless of your client devices. The DAP 1360 range extender is your best bet for an ideal home or office wireless network that possesses superior performance, brilliant clarity, and maximum coverage that is properly shielded from misuse.