BenQ VW2235 21.5" VA LED Monitor - White

BenQ VW2235 21.5" VA LED Monitor - White

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The BenQ VW2235 21.5inch VA LED Monitor is your window to pristine viewing and unbelievably realistic entertainment. This monitor is classy, has a sophisticated yet simple design, and is built using state of the art technology. The result? A stunning piece of technological brilliance! This monitor is available in a pure white color and looks nothing short of magnificent. It has a huge 21.5inch display that is your entrance to a world of gorgeous unlimited entertainment.


Physical Features


  • 5 Kg.
  • 21.5 inch 1920x1080P
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8

Simplicity and Sophistication


The BenQ VW2235 monitor is a shiny jewel in the innovative and stylish VW series lineup. This monitor incorporates the VA panel technology into its exquisite design, and we all know the quality of the panel is as important to a display, as coffee beans are to great coffee! You also have a LED backlight that lights up your screen and gives you some of the darkest blacks and bright visuals. It also gives you great connectivity options, which include the various input options at your disposal. It is also compatible with the Mac book. This is premium visual delight for you. This masterpiece is high tech art that makes a cutting edge style statement. It delivers a multimedia performance to shame all and comes in a spruce eco friendly package.

Finally a Mate for Your MacBook


The BenQ VW2235 monitor gives you a great way to enjoy the content on your Mac book on a big screen. It features the M book mode that is built using the BenQ's exclusive Senseye Human Vision technology. It consists of six proprietary calibration techniques that help you get the ideal viewing quality in every preset viewing mode it has to offer. The M book mode especially lets your monitor preserve the color quality that is characteristic of your Mac book's display.

Visually Appealing


This monitor uses the Flicker free backlight technology that enhances your visual pleasure. It effectively eliminates flickering at all brightness levels which consequently reduces eye fatigue. This, when set aside the conventional LCDs, takes the cake, in that the latter’s screen flicks 200 times per second. Now though your eyes don’t catch these flickers, they do, in fact, feel them. Why strain your eyes so much? When you can switch to the the more relaxing BenQ VW2235 monitor that makes sure your eyes aren’t overworked.

Optimize Your Reading Experience


The BenQ VW2235 monitor features the VA panel that brings to you authentic colors and razor sharp details from the left, right, above and below. It has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees (horizontal) and 178 degrees (vertical). This is a visual experience like never before.

We Are the World


This amazing monitor features an improved Eco Mode that does a lot in reducing your carbon footprint. This genius adjusts the backlight brightness level to a point that is highly energy efficient without compromising on quality. This is the highest display quality at the highest efficiency. It reduces 37 percent of the power consumed in emailing, Internet browsing, and document viewing, and up to 44 percent during gaming.